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Trouble Kitty's

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Garden Of Heroes

  My Prayer Commitment For A Soldier In Iraq

  A Tribute To Firefighters

  A Tribute To Police Officers

  A Tribute To International Forces

Garden Of Music Pages

  Oh Lord, It's Hard To Be Humble

  Paint Me A Birmingham

  Eye Of The Tiger


  Only Time

Garden Of Quotes, Saying, And Poems

  Quotes, Sayings, Small Poems 1


  Quotes, Sayings, And Small Poems 2

Garden Of Other Stuff

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Hi! Welcome to my garden.

As you walk through my garden you might encounter one
of my pet rose dragons. They are harmless unless you pick one of the roses.
If you pick one of the roses, all I can say is run or throw a steak at
them. The steak should pacify my pet rose dragons into forgetting you
took a rose from the garden.

As a matter of fact, you will find Brassy in this section of my garden somewhere.
Brassy likes to think she is guardian of the gate into my garden.
Just tell Brassy you are a friend and mean no harm to my garden. Brassy
won't give you any problems then.

Part Of My Garden Of Webrings

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Lady Luck
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  The fabulous painting used in this webset was made by
Jonathon Earl Bowser
Visit his website by clicking here!

Webset  by  KissDesign Website

Garden Of My Favorite Videos

The Rat Patrol

  The Fire And Brimstone Raid

  Take Me To Your Leader Raid

  Bring Em Back Alive Raid

  Mask A Raid

  The Hour Glass Raid

  The Holy War Raid

Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea

  The Condemned


  Submarine Sunk Here

  Turn Back The Clock

  The Traitor

Alias Smith And Jones

  Never Trust An Honest Man

  Wrong Train To Brimstone

  The Man Who Murdered Himself

  The Legacy Of Charlie O'Rourke

  The McCreedy Bust




  The Bridge At Chalons

  No Trumpets, No Drums

  High Name Today